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Mastered Drum Kits

A mixed and mastered compilation of incredible drums for all genres and all forms of music by Sean Original.
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The Original Drum Theory® kit is a top-of-the-line production set complete with ethnic drums from Africa, Asia, India and south America. The kit comes with one of a kind beatboxing, chants and vocal shouts, electronic drums, snares, kicks, 808′s, toms, open hats and closed hats, claps, percs, rims, sound effects, transition sounds, as well as Sean Original’s Marching Band Kit($15 value) and Acoustic Drum Kit ($10 value). Pure quality, no hiss, mic noise, and no cheap sounds. All drum sounds were processed with Neve eq’s, preamps, and SSL compression to ensure industry standard drum quality.

Free Drum Kits

FAQ on Drum Samples and Sound Effects:

Q: What are drum samples? Drum packs? What are they For?

A: These sound packs are used in the creation of modern day instrumentals, such as hip hop, rnb, pop, Electronic Dance Music, and Rock as well. A high quality digital drum kit is invaluable for beat makers, producers, and mixers and engineers.

Q: How were these kits made? Are they legal for use in my productions?

A: Absolutely! Beware cheap kits made of other non-copyritten sounds, which contain Acoustic Fingerprinting and can lead to serious damages in lawsuits. All of our sounds for sale are recorded and layered at our studio, are cleared samples, layers from the public domain and or modified through a sampling process through a Roland Fantom G workstation.

Q: Are these sounds royalty free? Do I have to give you credit for using them?

A: All drum kits, sound packs, effects and loops for free and for sale are royalty free. Use them as you wish, credits are appreciated but are not required.

Q: What is the quality of your sounds?

A: The industry standard is 44.1 kHz WAV for audio files. Each sound will be in this format. We have higher sampling rates upon request. Each sound has Neve 1073 sound coloring and light SSL compression to add the analog warmth that digitally created music fails to capture

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